About Juan Alberto

inspiring of brave

Juan Alberto Torres He is an architect and author of the books “Virtues of Brave” Y“It's on you”. In 2009 he published with his father the magazine More+Life whose slogan: “let's go for more” it has become a popular slogan of thousands around the world. Since then he has dedicated himself, with his very passionate way, to motivating and inspiring people to achieve the best version of themselves by caring for, feeding and exercising the spirit, mind, body and relationships with God, the couple , children, family, friends and neighbor.


author of “Virtues of Brave”

For the year 2018, he released his first book “Virtues of Brave” where he created the movementof Brave with thousands of followers on social networks and whose purpose is to inspire people to go for more and grow in all important areas of life in order to achieve their happiness knowing that everything is within each one to achieve it . His goal is to inspire more and more people to not only succeed, but achieve happiness and greatness through courage, love, faith, willpower, and other virtues.

Publisher and creative director

In the magazine More+Life he served as editor and creative director and the three editions opened the doors for him as creative director for magazines Chic South , Point of view Y creative Women . In the latter, she worked creating the corporate image and online stores of hundreds of women entrepreneurs to whom she also gave talks about application technology to create their promotions and marketing in social networks.

Natalia Zoe's dream

In 2022 he released his second and new book “It's on you” next to the store opening En3lazo dedicated to her brave little Natalia Zoé, whose dream was to have her own online store with the purpose of “spread love and peace through art” through fashion, before leaving suddenly in May 2021. Since then, she has wanted to honor her daughter and her father through the book, the store with products that carry a message, and other initiatives.

NowJuan Alberto dedicates himself completely to his companiesaltivist,More+Life Publications, V-Zoe YEn3lazo, in design and creative works, in addition to the initiativeof Brave where he continues his life mission writing, motivating and inspiring people to grow and not neglect every important area of life in order for them to achieve their happiness and reach their fullness.

"Don't be afraid of failing, be afraid of being in the same place where you are today in a year."

Juan Alberto Torres