About En3lazo

The Dream of Natalia Zoé

“I want to spread love and a sense of peace through my art. Whether in clothes, paintings or even murals. I want to create a collective union and create a social critical thinking that asks each one: What can we do to live in peace and harmony How can I make a difference In itself, my wish is that with my projects, society can value life, in instead of living only with the intensity of the problems.mas.”

Words by Natalia Zoé for a university project carried out on May 14, 2021.

creative entrepreneur

Natalia Zoe He was preparing to start his own business of an online store. She took classes in art, fashion design, and was set to take classes in advertising. He had started selling candles and handmade soaps that he made and promoted through his social networks, including one with the name link3loop , and wanted to have his own business and brand. Since she was little, she was attracted to urban art and tattoo design.

Arte Graffiti por Natalia Zoé.

Urban art in the blood

When I was in high school, I was a graffiti artist, making designs for jeans, jackets, and caps. I shared some of those stories with my little girl and being creative, urban art also caught her attention. Inspired by that art, his talent and his dream of having his online store, was born V-Zoe , nowEn3lazo, a name that he had already created for his project under construction.

En3lazo: Art that inspires.

In 2017 I founded More Life Inspirations where the book“Virtues of Brave”, would be the first in a line of meaningful products, inspiring people to buy them for their meaning. That year I began to share positive messages through social networks of Brave . Given the sudden departure of my little Zoé and her desire to create products with a message of love and peace, I decided to build the store En3lazo , making his dream come true and honoring his desire to contribute to society through art, with an urban style like graffiti that he liked so much. I invite you to take a look at the store and the variety of products with original art inspired by the desire of Natalia Zoe .

by Juan Alberto, father of Natalia Zoé