art that inspires

¿What is the meaning of our arts?

Discover the meaning of our arts because as our slogan says, our arts are inspired to carry a message, either through words, virtues, phrases or books, as well as meaningful symbols. We invite you to meet them.

Name created by Natalia Zoé who signed her messages with a blue butterfly, in addition to using the infinity symbol, which inspired this logo with a butterfly composed of a loop forming the number three and the infinity symbol, which represents eternity. the blue butterflysymbolizes the soul of a person and its essence identifying with joy and happiness. Its spiritual meaning ranges from the concept of resurrection, in the Christian religion, to love and freedom in Feng Shui.In Numerology, the meaning of the nnumber 3 it is associated with family, success and completion.ANDIt is the number of wisdom, courage, tenderness, perfect love and strength of the soul. The number three has a sense of unity, as represented by the Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. The word "intertwine" means to interweave or link one thing with another by crossing them together. Natalia Zoé wanted, through art, to carry a message of love and peace that would bring unity in society.d.

Logo of Brave composed of in a circular shield with the letter "V" ofCourage, Courage and Virtue inspired in the sentence ofJosue 1: 9, “I ask you to be strong and courageous, not to be discouraged or afraid, because I am your God, and I will help you wherever you go.” Appears on the cover of our first book"Virtues of Brave"written by Juan Alberto Torres.


Inspired by the flags of Puerto Rico and the United States with the wings representing the red stripes of the flags; the star in each of them and the letter V used in our logoo of Brave, but without the ring, symbol of Courage, Courage and Virtue. The wings represent freedom, courage and encouragement, as well as strength, protection and purity. The phrase "In God I Trust" (In God I Believe) that evokes the well-known phrase "In God We Trust" (In God We Trust)Official national motto of the United States.

The Taíno Indians called Puerto Rico BORIQUÉN and it means Land of the Brave Lord, which inspired this BORIQUÉN emblem whose art is a fusion of the Puerto Rican flag with the V of our DeValientes logo dedicated to the Valiente Boricuas in every corner of the world.del mundo.

It started with a design for a personal tattoo that we later wanted to share for its symbolism and meaning. The lion in the center represents the Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ, with the symbols of Alpha and Omega (beginning and end) on the sides. The heart represents love, the greatest of all virtues. The cross-shaped sword represents mercy and justice. The upper part of the sword has three scrolls representing the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The sword forms a 12-pointed star. Eagle wings represent freedom. The ribbon contains the Latin phrase "Sic Luceat Lux Vestra" (let your light shine) and the root-like branches represent the foundation in wisdom and truth.

Version of the Brave logo with a "pop art" or cartoon style also used on the cover of the book "It's in you". The shield "V" representing the virtue of Courage; the heart represents love, the wings freedom; the butterfly represents faith; the flower to joy; lightning to wisdom; the sword truth and justice; the bow and arrow self-control and the star to excellence.