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of brave

“God made man perfect, but he has complicated his life.” - Ecclesiastes 7:29

of brave is a source of inspiration, motivation and teachings so that you can discover everything you have always been capable of, to help you change the way you live with yourself and with others, and so that you can achieve the best version of yourself and conquer your happiness.

of brave It will help you awaken courage, passion and other virtues that you keep inside that help you conquer daily challenges such as losing weight, achieving better health, defeating a disease; coping with the loss of a partner, a job or a home; Encouragingly start a business, an academic career or a change in your lifestyle; and improve your relationship with God, with your partner, with your children, with your parents, with your friends and with everyone around you, among many other things.

of brave It will make you see life as a school of continuous learning, where situations and problems are part of your training andThe more you use and practice the virtues, the more accurate shots you will have in your daily decisions, and therefore, fewer failures or wrong decisions, with which you will be able to hit the target of your objectives and purposes.

of brave It will show you the virtues in a different, simple and vital way for your life. How these wonderful weaponsThey are an unequivocal sign that in the midst of adversity happiness can come, that gain can come from loss, that a solution can come from problems and that after ruin new and better energy can emerge. That no matter the failures and losses you have had, or the challenges you are going through, you can achieve unimaginable happiness from this moment. ¡Everything you need is in you!

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

The Virtus brand

“We are what we do, day by day. So excellence is not an act but a habit.” - Aristotle

The brands represent for people a status for a taste or simply the attraction for the products of that brand and these brands do all their marketing appealing to the needs of society. Among their strategies is recruiting celebrities with whom people identify or creating an attraction for the design that they fall in love with to the point of wanting any merchandise just for carrying that brand.

Taking these points into account, we wanted to create a brand that would remind people that they have the weapons to face the day to day and conquer their lives. When they look at it, they remember that from that moment on they can give the best of themselves and go for more of life and hence our search for a brand with meaning.

In Roman mythology,virtues He was the deity of bravery and military strength, the personification of virtue and courage. During the Middle Ages, the termvirtues It has an important change in meaning, from the initial idea of maturity or excellence, to the perfection of moral order, translated as vigor, maturity, courage, integrity, effectiveness, merit and excellence. The Greek world also gave great importance to virtue, which it saw as the excellence or plenitude that a person can achieve. In other words, originally virtue was the strength of the human being and later it acquired a more spiritual and finally moral meaning. Virtue became a "good habit of action" that makes a person strongly and firmly inclined to act righteously.titud.

This inspires us to use the word“virtues” as a concept of life whose goal is excellence, that you simply manage to face the world in the best way and that you manage to achieve the best version of yourself. Show you the virtues in order to guide you, not only to be the best you can be, but also to improve all the important aspects of your life such as your health, your mind, your spirit and your relationships with God, your partner, your parents , your children, your friends and your neighbor, achieving full happiness.

Seeking excellence is not being perfect, but to the extent that we want to improve and do things as well as possible, we will inevitably do them better. When you seek to grow as a person and do things better, you will undoubtedly do them better and become more skilled. From this perspective, practicing the virtues day by day will make you grow in them and you will become more virtuous every day, but perseverance is needed to be able to face the situations and pleasures that will arise throughout your existence. That is why they will depend on a constant practice that will make you discover everything you have always been capable of, and to the extent that you practice these essential virtues, you will always achieve the best version of yourself and conquer your happiness.

The concept of the brand is the letter V for the words Virtus and Valiente, within a circle that form a shield very similar to the one used by the Spartan warriors, which we call brave heart to highlight the Courage and Value of the Virtues that can lead to victory A brand that reminds you that you have virtues such as LOVE, PASSION, COURAGE, PERSEVERANCE, PATIENCE, HUMILITY, JOY, KINDNESS, RESILIENCE, FAITH and WILL, among others, to be happy and achieve your goals. Choosing to be your best version from this moment and deciding to do the right thing from now on, but it is important not to forget it and that is what we intend to achieve with the brand, that you remember it day after day.día.

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