Amor propio


love starts with you

“Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” - Oscar Wilde

¿You have fallen in love. You remember that time of falling in love. You feel indescribable emotions, endless tickling and incomparable joy. It is the love that was activated within you. You can also feel the same thing in your solitude and it does not depend on anyone but you. ti.Fall in love with life, love it and see everything you have. That greatness that you experienced with a person you can experience without them, with yourself, over and over again, without limits, and with everything around you.. Because when we learn to be happy with ourselves and share it with others, we grow more in love every day.

As with anything we do, which improves with practice, the same happens with love and the other virtues, the more we practice them, the more skillful we become with them. This applies to everything in your life. When you love your job or your school, everything works out better for you because love encourages you to do your best.It is an inexhaustible source of power, which fills you with encouragement and joy..

Loving my job has given me the strength to withstand pressure and focus on giving my best. It has given me the best ideas because it activates creativity and the same thing happened to me when I was studying.The best ideas, works of art, poetry, writings and songs come from a heart inspired by love..You don't need to have a partner to live in love. It is worth being in love. You will see how everything looks better in all areas. You will see how you will laugh when you are alone, for things you cannot even imagine, and you will be able to see love in every corner of your daily life. At that moment you will feel a full happiness from which you will never want to part again.

They say that when the student is ready the teacher appears and I believe that when we are ready for romance, the couple appears., but be careful because if you are not ready, what can come could be an error of judgment. Do not confuse a physical need with the true love of a couple. Many people make the mistake of rushing into relationships because they are not alone.When you beg for food, you settle for whatever you can eat because you are so hungry. Don't beg love. You have the opportunity to make a good choice according to your values, your way of being and your lifestyle.

“Love exists in us as long as we are capable of loving, even if nobody loves us.” - Jacinto Benavente

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